Onboarding Practices That Make Employees Want to Stay

When you hire a new employee, you want to make them feel like a welcome addition to the team. If better they are integrated into the company, the better they will invest in the company. Here are 3 onboarding practices you should implement the next time you hire a new employee. 1. Offer comprehensive training […]

Employee Training Pays for Itself: Here’s Why

Do you struggle to prioritize employee training? While it may seem like an unnecessary expense, it is actually a valuable investment. If you want to succeed as a team, you have to give your team the tools they need to succeed. Training pays off in two big ways: performance and confidence. Performance Untrained employees don’t […]

How to Encourage Feedback in the Workplace

Feedback is a life-giving part of every team and can strengthen it in many ways. When you listen and value every member’s voice, everyone benefits. Feedback strengthens interpersonal relationships, keeps work flow smooth, and lessens the chance of miscommunication, ultimately making your team more effective. So how do you go about encouraging feedback from your […]

5 Things You Can Do to Build a Successful Team

Building and maintaining a strong team is every manager’s top priority. And while some aspects of success have to be left up to fate, there are numerous factors that fall within your control. So here are 5 things you can do to build a successful team. 1. Encourage good communication We stress good communication a […]

How to Stop Making Assumptions

In one of our past posts, we talked about some common communication mistakes, including making assumptions. Let’s dive a bit deeper into that. Have you ever been disappointed because someone wasn’t the way you thought they would be? or they didn’t do what you thought they’d do? Blame assumptions. Sometimes we assume correctly. But frequently, […]

More Than Healthcare: Why You Should Consider Alternative Employee Benefits

According to Entrepreneur.com, “By 2025, 75 percent of the workforce will be made up of millennials. Companies are going to have to make a few adjustments to ensure employee retention. Along with offering more freedom and autonomy in the workplace, companies will need to be creative to hold millennial interest. In fact, a Deloitte study reveals 78 percent of millennials […]

3 Common Communication Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Ever said something to a co-worker or employee that you regretted later? If you find yourself struggling to maintain good communication with your team, it’s time to re-evaluate. Take a look at these 3 common communication blunders. Are you guilty of any of these? 1. Assumptions You know the saying, assuming makes a… donkey out […]

8 Tips for Improving Business Efficiency

Creating a productive business environment leads to a healthier bottom line and happier employees. Want to boost your business’ efficiency? Here are 8 simple tips to get you started. 1. Automate tasks Not every task can or should be automated, but automating tasks where you can frees up time so employees can focus their energy […]

How to Prioritize Your Life: 4 Ways to Achieve Balance

When you think about balancing your life, you might envision yourself in the middle of a seesaw, where there are no ups or downs. Of course, life doesn’t work like that. There is instability, uncertainty, and there are certainly ups and downs. So with all the difficulties life throws at you, what does it mean […]

5 Easy Task Management Tips

We all procrastinate from time to time; it’s human nature. But if you find yourself running things down to the wire often, your “occasional” procrastination may be a bigger problem than you think. Here are 5 simple task management tips to help you get more done with your day. 1. Think on paper Make a […]