When you think about balancing your life, you might envision yourself in the middle of a seesaw, where there are no ups or downs. Of course, life doesn’t work like that. There is instability, uncertainty, and there are certainly ups and downs. So with all the difficulties life throws at you, what does it mean to be “in balance?”

Balance is simply the ability to maintain your equilibrium in spite of life’s curve balls. You can achieve balance in several ways:

Move past emotions

Emotions are a part of life, so it’s perfectly fine to become emotional when life gets too fast and furious. Your feelings, however, can keep you from reaching your goals. Don’t let your emotions paralyze you.

Take action

Take the next logical step after feeling: action. If you’ve lost a job, fire up your resume. If your home needs a repair, start asking family and friends for referrals on contractors. The faster you barrel through the downs of life, the sooner you can get back up.

Don’t recap repeatedly

The more you talk about what happened, how unfair it was, what a nuisance it was; the more energy you expend, and essentially waste. This doesn’t accomplish anything. Get an accountability partner. Ask them to reroute you when you are stuck. Have them point out when you are dwelling on what happened or what you cannot control.

Become energy efficient

When a problem arises, take the energy needed to create some sort of solution rather than dwelling only on the issue at hand. We all use energy to get through the day’s events. However, we get to choose how much energy we spend on each project.

Sometimes, the unexpected blindsides you. How do you hit the reset button when life knocks you off balance? If you really want to achieve your goals and enjoy life to the fullest, you have to choose where you spend your energy. Make more time for achieving your goals and enjoying life by choosing what seems best in the moment and following through with it.