One-on-One virtual development sessions for you and your employees

We have developed a coaching program that provides small business owners like you with the personalized, flexible coaching you need, on your schedule.

This is perfect for you if you need:

  • Affordable coaching services
  • Sessions that are available when you are, wherever you are
  • Accountability and support on-demand


As a business owner, there are three distinct roles you play at any given time.

  • Entrepreneur
  • Manager
  • Technician

When you began your business, you were in the Entrepreneur role, but as you grow you find yourself spending more time in the Manager or Technician role.

Your company needs you to be the entrepreneur. You can’t grow a business when you are a full-time technician in your own company.

Our specialized coaching program is designed for your unique business needs.

It will help to put you back in the Entrepreneur role and help take you to the next level of success.


  • UNLIMITED 15-minute, laser-focused coaching sessions
  • Virtual sessions that can be done wherever you are, via Zoom video conferencing or phone
  • A recording of each coaching session sent to you after each session
  • Homework assigned in each session to support session goals
  • Accountability for completing assignments before scheduling the next session
  • Unlimited email support for questions or help with your homework

This innovative coaching program is designed for business owners who want fast results, without sacrificing time away from their business.

Find out if this is the right fit for you today.