Using Team Building Activities to Improve Performance

Team-building activities are often seen as something “extra” you can do as fun for your team. While this is true, they offer far more value than just that. Team-building activities improve your team’s communication and performance, making you more successful as a team overall. No pressure! Sometimes the workplace just isn’t conducive to team-building. Between […]

How to Make Teamwork Work

Working on a daily basis with other people can bring out the best and the worst in us. Some days everything is smooth sailing—we love our team, we work well together, and we have a lot to show for it. Other days, there’s tension and disagreement and it feels like nothing gets accomplished. Making teamwork […]

How to Make New Hires Feel Welcome and Why It’s Important

A large percentage of your success as a company depends on how well you welcome new employees. Obviously training them thoroughly and leaving your door open for questions are important gestures. But your goal should extend further than preparing them for the job—you want to make them feel like they belong. The more positive their […]

What Makes a Good Team?

When you watch a good team in action, it’s easy to size up their success as a result of everyone being similar or getting along. News flash: those elements aren’t necessary for a good team! In fact, most teams are not that way! The most cohesive, victorious teams are made up of a variety of […]

Common Leadership Obstacles

When you empower your team, they’ll spend less time asking you how to do things and more time getting the job done. This is because they feel at liberty to make decisions, problem solve, and take initiative. Your goal ought to be to make every member of your team know exactly what is expected of […]

3 Tips for a Productive Meeting

Have you ever been to a meeting that lasts half the day? It feels like such a waste of time, despite the fact that important things are being discussed and decided. There are 3 ways to shorten your meetings and make them more productive. 1. Set a specific cut-off time If you allow the meeting […]

The Most Important Aspect To Your Missions Statement

Most business owners know that having a mission statement is important. Mission statements give your company direction, and they give your audience a way to see what you’re all about at a glance. However, if you’re not going to apply your mission statement, it’s pointless to have one. Here’s why. Accountability leads to credibility. Your […]

What To Do When Team Members Don’t Like Each Other

Put a bunch of different people on the same team and sooner or later they’re bound to rub each other the wrong way. It’s an inevitable problem, but is there a solution? And is it even necessary that everyone on your team likes each other? Make unity, not likeability your goal In order to have […]

How to Keep Your Remote Team Motivated

More and more companies are steering away from the traditional brick-and-mortar business model. As fast internet speeds get even faster and more tasks rely on the internet, businesses are finding they can save money by having their employees work remotely. Homes and coffee shops are rapidly replacing cubicles and conference rooms. So how do you keep […]

The Best-Kept Secrets of a Strong Team

True or false: in order to make your team stronger, you have to spend a lot of money and go through a multi-step program. False! Building a strong team isn’t about the quantity or the complexity of the strengthening exercises you do. It’s about the quality of the team-building you do. First of all, in order […]