Feedback is a life-giving part of every team and can strengthen it in many ways. When you listen and value every member’s voice, everyone benefits. Feedback strengthens interpersonal relationships, keeps work flow smooth, and lessens the chance of miscommunication, ultimately making your team more effective. So how do you go about encouraging feedback from your team?

Ask for feedback.

Sometimes people don’t feel comfortable speaking out because they’re not sure if their opinion is wanted or needed. By asking for feedback regularly, you give your teammates a chance to share without feeling put on the spot. Make sure individuals have plenty of opportunities to give feedback in a variety of ways, including anonymously.

Prove you listened.

When your team sees some of their ideas being implemented, it makes them feel good. Bottom line, if you really want feedback, show that it matters to you! For example, if someone complains that the office is always cold and several people agree, don’t just nod your head and forget about it later. Make a note, put change into motion. Your team will take notice and be more likely to give you feedback in the future.

Keep your cool.

Not all feedback is encouraging or easy to act on, and some people don’t know how to give negative feedback in a diplomatic way. The conversation can quickly escalate, especially if the “finger-pointing” begins. Encourage your team to give feedback about general issues publicly, but to come to you privately if they are having trouble with one of their co-workers. If they have a personal issue with you, try to keep an open mind and stay calm. Getting defensive and denying their concerns will only discourage future feedback and cause bitterness on your team. Treat them with respect, even if you disagree.

There are many different ways to gather feedback, and if you’re interested in some personalized options for your team, feel free to reach out to us. Team Insight Plus can offer you a variety of different materials and one-on-one guidance. Contact us today!